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It's your turn! I coach strong women into developing a dating process that builds genuine confidence and unlocks your feminine power so you can attract the perfect mate . The resources are here for you.


The foundation

Get clear and make a decision to date successfully. These dating strategies give you the boost to develop the relationship you want.

stay inspired

Don't do it alone. That's a recipe for disaster. Stay connect, motivated and inspired. There is power when there is a collective intention.

Stand Out

Get the tools to stand out for the crowd by letting your unique style, gifts and talents shine through. How big is your tool box? Develop a system that works.

Design Your Life

The Date Like a Boss challenge is unlike any other challenge out there. Design your love life starting with owning the dating process so it works for you.

The Foundation

Eliminate time sucking dates with Mr. Wrong so you have more time for quality candidates with the guy who just might be the one.

Research shows that women who plan have a better outcome and are more successful when dating. But, what does “planning” have to do with dating? What does successful dating look like? This workshop will lay the foundation so you can date successfully to the
relationship you crave.

Successfully date your way to marriage.  Just click the button below. If you don’t take action now it’s just more wasted time that keeps on ticking on your clock. You don’t have time to date another dud.


Prior to the Date Like a Boss Challenge I was getting frustrated, wanted to give up on dating and was acting like a girlfriend without being asked. Now I have a dating plan, one that I’m committed to and fall back on and not putting all my eggs in one basket. Join the Date Like a Boss Challenge and get ready to change your life by changing your mind. Get ready to do the work and get results. I’m still meeting great candidates but I’m also ready to write a book about dating from the perspective of keeping it fun and light. Natasha’s Date Like A Boss Course was beyond my expectations and changed my perspective of how I view dating.
I am truly astonished how much I was able to accomplish with you and I am tremendously grateful for you and this amazing program.
Before working with Natasha, I set up my own obstacles that were keeping me from moving forward.  I learned  that I deserve to live the life I want to without any explanation.
Natasha has guided me in all the areas of my life and now she has focused on the relationship part. She has helped me to create boundaries, encouraged me to get out more and has taught me that if I want to be successful in my love relationship, like my acting career, I need to be the CEO of my love life. Now, I'm dating more and meeting amazing men.

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If I told you, you could design
your love life would you?

Are you sick and tired of attracting the same old kind of guy who isn’t right for you? Do you often wonder how dating can fit into your already busy schedule? Do you feel like you are running out of time and ready to give up on love all together? Or maybe you aren’t even sure how to achieve success in simply dating.

If I told you, you could shift your perception and literally design the love life you want would you? I know you can and I know what it feels like to keep hitting a dead end in love.

Here’s my story

I’m a dating empowerment strategist for Alpha females what that means is I coach you into developing a dating process that builds genuine confidence and unlocks your feminine power so you can attract the perfect mate for you.  

Prior to developing my own process that attracted the love of my life I was a love addict. I was always looking for that high from that you see in romantic comedies. And,  I always attracted the wrong men into my life. The result, a lot of heart ache and two failed marriages.

I grew up without very much guidance in this area and after I found out my father cheated on my mother and had twins I expect nothing more from any man I dated. After my second divorce I knew I needed history to stop repeating itself in my life.  I dove into the world of personal development. I found a woman who coached me through my healing. This was when my life literally took a turn.  

I read numerous books. I took multiple classes. I threw myself back into the world of dating and of course I was scared out of my mind because I knew my track record with dating was no good at all.  One day I began to list characteristics that I thought I could bring to the table in dating. At the time I was really good in business and strategies. So it made sense for me to approach dating with more of a business analytical approach. It was always so easy for me to step into the right brain “feeling” mode. So I built up my left brain analytical side in dating. I combine the two and started dating unapologetically taking risks and developing a process. This process allowed me in all my alpha glory to tap into my femininity and become a man magnet I had more confidence and totally attracted a different kind of man. 

I still use these principles, even in my marriage today. My goal is to help Alpha females like yourself and all over the world develop a dating process that makes you feel genuinely confident, sexy and feminine so you too can attract the love of your life.

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